The sad state of affairs in the United States and America

It bothers me to see what appears to be a repeat of the American Revolution. We have a government that lives in a far off place (Washington D.C.) from most of it’s people, taxes them at will, and claims that the money is their’s to do with as they please. As with the “bailout” of the East India Tea company by the “Tea Act” of May 10th, 1773, the “bailout” of the automakers and the bankers by the federal government was designed to help those who would help keep the current government in power, at the cost of the people. VERY few have benefitted from these bailouts other than those who already have fat wallets. VERY few paid for these “bailouts” who have fat wallets. It is very distressing to think of this nation being ripped apart by a few thugs and crooks, but you don’t have to be Nostradomus to see the handwriting on the wall (in big dayglow colors) that this nation cannot continue at it’s present course if it’s population is left to suffer at the hands of a powerful few. When you have 44,000 people being killed every year by the economic policies that say “We can spend more than $1 Billion a day to play in the dirt on Mars, but we can’t stop doing that, and instead use the money to fund the universal healthcare that the people want but the government claims costs too much, something’s wrong. It seems to me that when the American people (all 300 million of them) realize that their government puts playing in the dirt on Mars ahead of saving American lives, there will be HELL to pay.  I hope and pray that there will not be a second American Revolution. Unless the United States stops this undeclared war against the American people, there will be a lot more lives lost. And let’s face it: While the United States government cries about El-Qaeda and the Taliban, they do not cost 44,000 American lives every year like the current government’s “me-and-my-friends-got-ours-and-you-paid-for-it” economic policies do.


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