A Step In The Right Direction – A Small Step

After realizing that claiming they couldn’t afford healthcare but could spend more than $1 Billion a DAY to play in the dirt on Mars, they came up with this new proposed bill that ONLY costs $829 Billion over ten years. However, they have a provision that requires Americans to buy health insurance beginning in 2013. If we can’t afford it, they say they will fine us up to $750 per family. What will they do if we refuse to pay the fine? Jail us? If they can’t handle 3 million people incarcerated now, how will they handle 30 million, and are they going to incarcerate them merely because they cannot afford the fine for what they couldn’t afford in the first place. Then they’ll be crying that they need to raise taxes to cover the cost of jailing non-violent criminals whose sole sin, is that they are poor (or, at this rate, middle class). I wonder if they plan on that being $750 a year, a month, or is that per insurance company billing cycle. They say that some of the cost will come from Medicare and Medicade, but I’m not buying that. I think what they need to do is to stop funding things that primarily go to only a few beneficiaries. Namely NASA. While I’m all for science, and space exploration, I’m more for fiscal responsibility. I want to live in outer space just like anyone else, but I’d also like to live in a mansion, drive expensive cars, and live like a king. You notice I don’t. Why you say, because: a.I really wouldn’t want to live like the freaks that I can’t stand, and b. I can’t afford it. In other words, f we can afford to cover all that we need to cover then we should cover anything else that we want to cover. I figure if that ever happens though, I’ll have already won the lottery ten times over, and moved to my own little island in the pacific, away from all of the bullshit. I hope your days are better than mine, have a good one.


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