$79 Million and nothing to show for it

Yesterday they blasted a $79 million spacecraft into the side of the moon hoping that they could discover water on it. I look at the problems we’re  having with our local municipalities need for water, and wonder if some of that $79 million should have gone toward helping those of us on this planet with a need instead of a definite possibility of a firm maybe on the moon. I really think that’s a perfect place for the idiots in Washington D.C.: Blast them all to the moon, and “forget” to give them oxygen tanks. I you think about it, it seems as if their hell-bent on driving us further into debt to see how much we’ll put up with before we do rebel. It boggles my mind how Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize for leading a government that is fighting two wars overseas, and killing 44,000 people every year by denying them basic healthcare. It only goes to show that humanity is one of the rarest, most precious commodities in the world, and anyone who even remotely acts like he has any, can be treated like a King by so-called”respectable” organizations. In short, the Nobel peace prize is nothing more than a popularity contest. A booby prize in the vein of a wet t-shirt contest. Bill Clinton did more than Obama and he didn’t get one. Jimmy Carter has done more than enough to win twice. What, legitimately, has Obama ACTUALLY DONE? I’m actually a supporter of his famous ideals of  “Change”, but I have yet to actually see any real change from the status quo. Rich people want more riches at the expense of the little guy. If  you’re really bad off, making less than $12,000, we’ll let you make $13,000 a year, provided someone will give you 40 hours. But if you only get 32 hours a week (considered “Full-time” in some states), you don’t even get that with the new minimum wage. Why should we continue to fund crap like space exploration at the cost of our very lives, and that of our families? Why should we listen to a bunch of fat walleted bastards, who don’t even know what it’s like to make less than you need for the basics to keep going? Most of them grew up rich so they don’t really understand what it’s like to even use their own money. They just keep asking everyone else to foot the bill, so they just figure that as long as they keep asking someone else, it’ll never affect them. Sounds a little like what happened around 1765, doesn’t it?


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