The Growing Rift Between The United States And America

I see that Congress is still serious about fining people and think that it’s more important for us to fatten already fat wallets, at the cost of our children’s futures. One would think that after all the hyperbole, they would have realized that the American people are in serious need of help, not more cost. According to Rep. Baucus (D-Mont), it’s a balanced bill but his $829 Billion package is only balanced toward taking more money out of our pockets. Why, when they take in trillions of dollars from our taxes, and allow companies to write off trillions more do they still insist on telling us they have no money to pay for the free healthcare? Why don’t they just make it so that the insurance companies have their premiums paid for by the federal government in dwindling amounts over five years. After that the insurance companies have to rely on their sales of home owner’s, renters, auto, and life insurances to rip off the American people? They’re still going to get their money, they’ll just have to wait for a while. What I fail to understand is why they don’t allow us to make the choice. This is the land of freedom, but we’re not allowed to decide if we want insurance from the usual sources (corrupt insurance companies), or from new ones (corrupt politicians). We’re gonna get screwed anyway, let’s be screwed by those we can at least vote out of office. When faced with two evils, always try the one you haven’t tried before. Hell, I can’t force you to watch The Simpsons, but you can’t stop me, with reasonable exceptions. I can’t force you to own a gun, but you can’t stop me, with reasonable exceptions. I can’t force you to have an abortion, but you can’t stop me, with reasonable exceptions (like the fact that I’m a guy not a girl). Why can’t we decide who we get health insurance from? This latest run for the almighty tax dollar comes after they ble up a $79 billion piece of crap that was sent to the moon to see if there is any water up there. With several states needing to get their water problems solved right here in America, let alone on this planet, one would think that they’d worry about human beings first, and everything else second, but you and I both know that will never happen. Sooner or later the rest of the country is going to realize that we’re being taxed without representation like we did in the 1760’s and 1770’s. We’re paying taxes to benefit a few corrupt politicians, and a few corrupt companies, like we did in the 1760’s and 1770’s. Let’s hope that we don’t have another revolution like we had that really started in the 1760’s. What do you think will be the next Stamp Act, Tea Act, or, Heaven forbid, Bunker Hill? Let me know what you think.


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