The only question that they need to ask themselves

I’ve blogged for a bit about how the current U.S. Government is acting suspiciously like that group of tyrants (King George III and the British Parliament) that brought about the birth of this nation. President Obama, this afternoon, declared the H1N1 pandemic a “National Security Emergency.” This is because there have now been more than 1,000 deaths attributed to the Swine Flu. Of course, the deaths of 44,000 of Americans through lack of accessable and affordable health care are not considered cause for a state of emergency. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one question that really needs to be asked when these stupid politicians “do” their jobs: If Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and Franklin were here right now in front of them, would they support the current government, or be rebelling against it? Until they realize who they are and where they come from, our nation will continue to disintegrate. I look at the Auto,bank, and Insurance company bailouts, the mandating of only HD TV’s, the mandating of only compact flourescent bulbs, etc., and it’s clear that only the companies that Obama or the Congress likes, are going to be running the show. I’m dreading the coming years, because there’s no way that Americans are going to keep accepting it. I hope when the shit hits the fan, it’s quick and as painless as possible. I ain’t betting on it though, as I’ve never heard of this kinda of stuff going down without a lot of blood loss. Heaven help us because I don’t think anyone else will.


The Growing Rift Between The United States And America

I see that Congress is still serious about fining people and think that it’s more important for us to fatten already fat wallets, at the cost of our children’s futures. One would think that after all the hyperbole, they would have realized that the American people are in serious need of help, not more cost. According to Rep. Baucus (D-Mont), it’s a balanced bill but his $829 Billion package is only balanced toward taking more money out of our pockets. Why, when they take in trillions of dollars from our taxes, and allow companies to write off trillions more do they still insist on telling us they have no money to pay for the free healthcare? Why don’t they just make it so that the insurance companies have their premiums paid for by the federal government in dwindling amounts over five years. After that the insurance companies have to rely on their sales of home owner’s, renters, auto, and life insurances to rip off the American people? They’re still going to get their money, they’ll just have to wait for a while. What I fail to understand is why they don’t allow us to make the choice. This is the land of freedom, but we’re not allowed to decide if we want insurance from the usual sources (corrupt insurance companies), or from new ones (corrupt politicians). We’re gonna get screwed anyway, let’s be screwed by those we can at least vote out of office. When faced with two evils, always try the one you haven’t tried before. Hell, I can’t force you to watch The Simpsons, but you can’t stop me, with reasonable exceptions. I can’t force you to own a gun, but you can’t stop me, with reasonable exceptions. I can’t force you to have an abortion, but you can’t stop me, with reasonable exceptions (like the fact that I’m a guy not a girl). Why can’t we decide who we get health insurance from? This latest run for the almighty tax dollar comes after they ble up a $79 billion piece of crap that was sent to the moon to see if there is any water up there. With several states needing to get their water problems solved right here in America, let alone on this planet, one would think that they’d worry about human beings first, and everything else second, but you and I both know that will never happen. Sooner or later the rest of the country is going to realize that we’re being taxed without representation like we did in the 1760’s and 1770’s. We’re paying taxes to benefit a few corrupt politicians, and a few corrupt companies, like we did in the 1760’s and 1770’s. Let’s hope that we don’t have another revolution like we had that really started in the 1760’s. What do you think will be the next Stamp Act, Tea Act, or, Heaven forbid, Bunker Hill? Let me know what you think.

$79 Million and nothing to show for it

Yesterday they blasted a $79 million spacecraft into the side of the moon hoping that they could discover water on it. I look at the problems we’re  having with our local municipalities need for water, and wonder if some of that $79 million should have gone toward helping those of us on this planet with a need instead of a definite possibility of a firm maybe on the moon. I really think that’s a perfect place for the idiots in Washington D.C.: Blast them all to the moon, and “forget” to give them oxygen tanks. I you think about it, it seems as if their hell-bent on driving us further into debt to see how much we’ll put up with before we do rebel. It boggles my mind how Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize for leading a government that is fighting two wars overseas, and killing 44,000 people every year by denying them basic healthcare. It only goes to show that humanity is one of the rarest, most precious commodities in the world, and anyone who even remotely acts like he has any, can be treated like a King by so-called”respectable” organizations. In short, the Nobel peace prize is nothing more than a popularity contest. A booby prize in the vein of a wet t-shirt contest. Bill Clinton did more than Obama and he didn’t get one. Jimmy Carter has done more than enough to win twice. What, legitimately, has Obama ACTUALLY DONE? I’m actually a supporter of his famous ideals of  “Change”, but I have yet to actually see any real change from the status quo. Rich people want more riches at the expense of the little guy. If  you’re really bad off, making less than $12,000, we’ll let you make $13,000 a year, provided someone will give you 40 hours. But if you only get 32 hours a week (considered “Full-time” in some states), you don’t even get that with the new minimum wage. Why should we continue to fund crap like space exploration at the cost of our very lives, and that of our families? Why should we listen to a bunch of fat walleted bastards, who don’t even know what it’s like to make less than you need for the basics to keep going? Most of them grew up rich so they don’t really understand what it’s like to even use their own money. They just keep asking everyone else to foot the bill, so they just figure that as long as they keep asking someone else, it’ll never affect them. Sounds a little like what happened around 1765, doesn’t it?

A Step In The Right Direction – A Small Step

After realizing that claiming they couldn’t afford healthcare but could spend more than $1 Billion a DAY to play in the dirt on Mars, they came up with this new proposed bill that ONLY costs $829 Billion over ten years. However, they have a provision that requires Americans to buy health insurance beginning in 2013. If we can’t afford it, they say they will fine us up to $750 per family. What will they do if we refuse to pay the fine? Jail us? If they can’t handle 3 million people incarcerated now, how will they handle 30 million, and are they going to incarcerate them merely because they cannot afford the fine for what they couldn’t afford in the first place. Then they’ll be crying that they need to raise taxes to cover the cost of jailing non-violent criminals whose sole sin, is that they are poor (or, at this rate, middle class). I wonder if they plan on that being $750 a year, a month, or is that per insurance company billing cycle. They say that some of the cost will come from Medicare and Medicade, but I’m not buying that. I think what they need to do is to stop funding things that primarily go to only a few beneficiaries. Namely NASA. While I’m all for science, and space exploration, I’m more for fiscal responsibility. I want to live in outer space just like anyone else, but I’d also like to live in a mansion, drive expensive cars, and live like a king. You notice I don’t. Why you say, because: a.I really wouldn’t want to live like the freaks that I can’t stand, and b. I can’t afford it. In other words, f we can afford to cover all that we need to cover then we should cover anything else that we want to cover. I figure if that ever happens though, I’ll have already won the lottery ten times over, and moved to my own little island in the pacific, away from all of the bullshit. I hope your days are better than mine, have a good one.

The sad state of affairs in the United States and America

It bothers me to see what appears to be a repeat of the American Revolution. We have a government that lives in a far off place (Washington D.C.) from most of it’s people, taxes them at will, and claims that the money is their’s to do with as they please. As with the “bailout” of the East India Tea company by the “Tea Act” of May 10th, 1773, the “bailout” of the automakers and the bankers by the federal government was designed to help those who would help keep the current government in power, at the cost of the people. VERY few have benefitted from these bailouts other than those who already have fat wallets. VERY few paid for these “bailouts” who have fat wallets. It is very distressing to think of this nation being ripped apart by a few thugs and crooks, but you don’t have to be Nostradomus to see the handwriting on the wall (in big dayglow colors) that this nation cannot continue at it’s present course if it’s population is left to suffer at the hands of a powerful few. When you have 44,000 people being killed every year by the economic policies that say “We can spend more than $1 Billion a day to play in the dirt on Mars, but we can’t stop doing that, and instead use the money to fund the universal healthcare that the people want but the government claims costs too much, something’s wrong. It seems to me that when the American people (all 300 million of them) realize that their government puts playing in the dirt on Mars ahead of saving American lives, there will be HELL to pay.  I hope and pray that there will not be a second American Revolution. Unless the United States stops this undeclared war against the American people, there will be a lot more lives lost. And let’s face it: While the United States government cries about El-Qaeda and the Taliban, they do not cost 44,000 American lives every year like the current government’s “me-and-my-friends-got-ours-and-you-paid-for-it” economic policies do.